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The Detox Secret They Don’t Want You to Know About post image

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The Detox Secret They Don’t Want You to Know About

For years, we’ve been led to believe that chronic sickness and disease are caused by “germs” (more on this in a minute). The medical system tells us that in order to get well we need to take a pill. Read more >

What if you could do exactly the same exercise, and get as much as 30% superior muscle activation?

What if you could do that without even stepping foot in a gym?

Did you know that increasing the muscle activation of any exercise will accelerate your fat burning?
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3 Great Bodyweight Exercises For Slimmer Thighs

Crave thinner thighs? Tired of struggling to fit into pants because you’re sporting just a little too much excess fat on your lower body? This is the case for many people, especially females who do tend to store body fat in their lower body more than on their upper body.

Unless you have the right training program, you won’t see results with losing fat from the lower body. The common approach to getting slimmer thighs and losing fat from the lower body is hours and hours of cardio training. Go this route though and you won’t be seeing results and even worse, you could begin to lose lean muscle mass from the lower body, making you appear even less firm in the thigh area.

So what’s the solution? Well, of course… we think it’s bodyweight exercises… 8-)
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It was tough for me to decide what I really thought was the best upper body exercise ever…

In order to choose I first wrote down what I wanted it to do and I came up with 5 things. For it to be the best ever it had to meet the following criteria: Read more >

by Wesley Virgin

Did you know you have more than 6 different ab muscles?

The why does the average person only focus on only two? Read more >

It’s not just that pull ups are hard.

For a lot of folks, they’re uncomfortable.

In fact, I’d say that 8 out of every 10 pull up questions I get center around managing pain while performing the exercise.

If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

Each of us leaps up to that pull up bar carrying different baggage.

For starters, the structure of your shoulder may not look like the structure of your training partner’s shoulder. Or like the shoulder of anyone else in the gym, for that matter. Read more >

7 Top Tips for Staying Lean as You Age

I’m Shawna K, a good friend of Adam’s, a fellow Canadian, and a half-centurion (ie. I’m over 50 years old!). You’ve probably seen me here on BodyweightCoach.com before, sharing some of my challenging workouts with you. Read more >

The Good Luck of High Blood Pressure

So, you just found out that you have high blood pressure. Now what?

Consider yourself lucky! Read more >

Did you get in a good workout today?

How do you know whether it was good or not?

You see, there are a bunch of ways to judge its quality.

Just to name a few:

  • Did you break a good sweat?
  • Did you do more than usual?
  • Did you get a good burn on?
  • Did you decrease your time?
  • Did you increase your distance?

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Build Sexy Abs WITHOUT Messing Up Your Back

Shredded six pack abs are sexy.

Who wouldn’t want a set of washboard abs that could make anyone’s heart race just by looking at them? Read more >