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If you could fold a home gym up and keep it in the corner of your closet… would that be cool?

Of course it would!  :-)

And in a way that’s what you get with a kettlebell.

It’s one of the most versatile home training tools if you are limited for space.

And when combined with bodyweight exercise you get a fun, fast paced, fat-burning workout you can do anytime, anywhere.

Recently my family and I spent the week at a cottage near Mont Tremblant, Quebec.

I arranged for my buddy and kettlebell expert Chris Lopez to bring a KB. And I brought a TRX and a jump rope.

Then together we came up with a workout each day that combined the tools we had with some bodyweight exercises. It was fun crafting the workouts on the spot… and it provided a great way to keep our workouts on track even though we were miles from the nearest gym.

Here’s what we came up with on the first day…

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3 Workout Hacks For “Big-Screen” Results

It’s no secret that Hollywood actors and actresses of the 2000’s have some of the best bodies we’ve ever seen.

With all the Superhero movies popping up left and right, it seems as though we are meeting a new celebrities every single week that’s made some kind of amazing body transformation.

Hot Celebrity BodyHowever, when you search around the web, you often find these websites that throw together a workout or two and call it the “Hugh Jackman Workout Plan” or the “Jessica Alba Beach Body Workout.”

What they forget to tell you, are the principles behind WHY these workouts are so effective and HOW you can use them to make your own transformation.

Today, we are going to dive deep into hacking your workouts so that you can see faster results, just like those you see on the big screen.

I’ve divided this post into 3 simple sections to make it easy for you to implement into your workouts.

Each part is incredibly important so make sure you spend some time on each so that you can best utilize these workout tactics. Read more >

Announcing: The Beta Switch Transformation Challenge!

BetaSwitchContestI am so happy to announce The Beta Switch 12 Week Transformation Challenge!

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Yoga-The No Drug Approach to Health

I LOVE yoga! That may not come as a surprise on this blog, but some days, the love for what I do just bursts through my body. Is there something in your life that does that for you? I hope so!

The yogic approach to health and wellness may not be for everyone, but I regularly experience the positive health-improving effects that consistent practice brings.

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LeanMoms Transformation Contest Winners … And How YOU Can Be Our Next One! post image

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LeanMoms creator, Lacy Arnold here. And I am so happy to announce the LeanMoms 8 Week Transformation Challenge winners! Read more >

3 Minute Belly Tightening Pilates

by Sylvia Favela
Author of Bodyweight Pilates

One of the unique methods used in everyday training to cinch in the waistline is Bodyweight Pilates.  Just flip through any fitness or trendy health magazine and you’ll notice Pilates moves are all over, and credited as today’s top celebrities favorite weekly fitness routine.

You’re probably wondering what makes these bodyweight Pilates exercises so different than a normal sit up? Read more >

3 Ways to Make ANY Finisher Your Own

What is a finisher? Let’s knock that out first.

A finisher is what you do at the end of your workout to help you burn more fat. It replaces traditional cardio or intervals and takes 10 minutes or less… even without equipment.

Now, after working with thousands of men and women over the years in the fitness industry, there’s one thing I’ve learned… Read more >

The PERFECT 30-Minute Bodyweight Workout

There’s three “ingredients” for the perfect 30-minute bodyweight workout.

In fact, when you combine all three in just the right dosage, you can easily burn more fat in the same amount of time compared to a traditional workout.

So what are the ingredients? Read more >

Have you ever noticed that most of the popular workout and diet programs are made by MEN?

Maybe you’ve never stopped to wonder… But male-designed programs can actually be a big problem for us women

Did you know…

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Did you know science proves that most conventional ab training is completely useless!… Read more >